Animal Spotlight: Higgins the Orangutang



The word elicits fear and uncertainty, but it can also illicit hope. The hope that endangered animals may be brought back from the edge of extinction.

All three species of orangutan are holding onto this hope. However, without organizations that promote the conservation, education and rehabilitation of these majestic animals they will never avoid extinction.

So AnimalStone is doing something about it.

It is for this reason that AnimalStone is proud to be partnering with The Orangutan Project. A non-profit organization that has worked for over 20 years to ensure that all endangered wild orangutan species will live in secure, protected populations for generations to come.

But what can I do?

We are the reason that these animals are faced with this reality. The expansion of the palm oil trade has destroyed the Borneo and Sumatra rain-forests, the last places that Orangutans can be found. Our need to consume has led to the estimated death of 6-thousand orangutans every year. But we can always change.

Palm oil is in half of all the packaged products sitting in your local grocery store, and you can make even the smallest difference by putting back that Nestlé chocolate bar. But education and support for these animals are what will keep that hope against extinction burning.

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