AnimalStone announces the release of Ohana the Mermaid & partnership with not-for-profit People of the Water (POW)

World Oceans Day came and went but our commitment to the ocean continues and with that we’re delighted to announce the release of Ohana the Mermaid, our goddess of the water.

People of the WaterOhana represents the rebellious spirit with ferocious independence. Our goddess, Ohana signifies love and mystery, she inspires transformation and personal evolution. A warrior of love and light, Ohana leads the way and reminds us to stretch and reach beyond the confines of what we know into the unknown where our greatest potential lives.

With the release of Ohana the Mermaid, ocean warrior and defender of all that lies beneath the sea, we’ve aligned with Cristina Zenato! Cristina is our Under the Sea ambassador, for Bahamas the Shark and as of today, our Ohana the Mermaid ambassador!

Cristina has dedicated her life to ocean, shark and cave conservation. Her spirit is of the water, her work is to protect it. Cristina’s efforts have inspired the protection of sharks across the Bahamas as well as the creation of People of the Water (POW), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to change people’s relationship with our aquatic world through exploration, education and conservation.

We’re honoured to now be supporting People of the Water (POW) for the sale of every solid sterling silver Ohana the Mermaid, $15 CAD will goes to help POW’s mission to transform people’s relationship to water through education, exploration and conservation.

Together, we continue to raise awareness and strengthen our commitment to the world’s oceans and all the Under the Sea

Help us support the POW’s mission to protect the ocean and all the lives beneath it. Purchase your solid sterling silver Ohana the Mermaid today and connect with your warrior spirit, defender of the ocean, aquatic life and all living things depending on us for survival.