AnimalStone & The Canadian Sea Turtle Network Announce Partnership

Canadian Sea Turtle Network

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with the
Canadian Sea Turtle Network (CSTN).

Did you know that Canadian waters are a seasonal home to endangered leatherback and loggerhead Sea Turtles? Leatherback turtles travel all the way up from their nesting grounds in South and Central America in order to feed and grow fat on jellyfish. Loggerheads arrive from the southern United States. What a journey!

However, these incredible beasts are facing the threat of extinction primarily due to accidental entanglement in commercial fishing gear.

We chose to collaborate with CTSN on the basis of their strong focus on conservation through education, scientific research and a longstanding alliance with commercial fishermen.

By fostering a relationship with those on the front line, the fishermen, together CTSN and the commercial fishing community have leveraged their shared passion for the ocean in order to protect and conserve the existing Sea Turtle populations.

The Canadian Sea Turtle Network is a charitable organization working to conserve endangered sea turtles in Canadian waters and worldwide with the help of scientists, commercial fishermen, coastal community members, and you.

The CTSN endeavors to create a harmonious relationship between Sea Turtles and those who encounter them between here (Canada) and their nesting grounds in the tropics.

Together, we hope to continue this mission of educating and sharing information about the plight and threats facing these beautiful creatures, who have shared this planet with us for millennia.

AnimalStone’s mantra is: Connecting Animals to People and reminding people to care. Our goal is to continue partnering our 3D animal charms, handmade here in Toronto by Delane Cooper, with wildlife organizations that are working in the wild to protect the animals we love and the habitats where they live.

Help us support CTSN, with the purchase of every sterling silver Kai the Sea Turtle $15 CAD will go back to the organization to help education and research based initiatives to help conserve the seasonal Canadian Sea Turtle populations.