AnimalStone & Wild Tomorrow Fund Announce Partnership

Roscoe the Rhino

AnimalStone & Wild Tomorrow Fund:
Connecting Animals to People & Conserving the Planet for a Wild Tomorrow!

Continuing our mission of Connecting Animals to People, we’re pleased to announce our latest partnership with Wild Tomorrow Fund in conjunction with our solid sterling silver Rosco the Rhino charm.

Rhinos are under tremendous threat of extinction due to poaching for their horns which are made of keratin, the same material as human finger nails.  Throughout a number of Asian countries there is a belief that keratin has properties essential in the use of medicinal aids for hangovers and other ailments. These claims are unproven. As a result of this perceived value, people will pay top dollar for ground up rhino horn.

Our new partner, Wild Tomorrow Fund is dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered species and the habitats they depend on for survival. Wild Tomorrow Fund’s mission is to ensure that the world that comes after us is a world in which a wild tomorrow is possible.

For each sale of Rosco the Rhino pendant, AnimalStone will donate $15 CAD to Wild Tomorrow Fund to support rhino conservation work in southern Africa. This includes protecting critical habitat, equipping and training rangers who put their lives on the line to keep wildlife (including rhinos) safe, providing monthly food rations to 2 rhino orphanages, and funding the safe dehorning rhinos to prevent poaching.

Our vision is for AnimalStone charms to serve as physical reminders of our connection to the animals, the planet and all living things. Our ethos is one of connection, and through our relationship with Wild Tomorrow Fund, we hope to help bridge a gap and connect more animal lovers to rhinos regardless of physical distance.

Our Rosco the Rhino charm is a 3D close to anatomically representation of the animal. Each piece is hand-finished by our in-house designer and goldsmith, Delane Cooper, giving the charms unique qualities, true to how they are in the wild.

Wherever you are in the world, by wearing Rosco the Rhino, may you be reminded of this beautiful creature, it’s essential role in the ecosystem and the struggle the species faces for survival.

May this wearable work of art be a physical reminder of your connection to the Rhino and our shared place on planet earth.