Buy Good Feel Good

AnimalStone launched in December 2017. The company was founded on the principle that a symbiotic relationship is needed between us and nature, humans and animals in order to conserve our shared place here on planet earth. 

It was soon established that our mission would be Connecting Animals to People through 3D solid gold and silver animal charms. The natural next step would be to align with people and organizations who share our vision of this essential symbiotic relationship.

Our AnimalStone charms are close to anatomically correct, physical reminders of the animals that share this planet with us. From the beginning we understood that the goal was to create lifelike representations that honour the animal as it is in real life. The animal’s muscle tone and texture become visible in the finishing process which is done by hand here in Toronto by our in-house designer, Delane Cooper. 

Flash forward to now and we’re pleased to be partnered with a number of incredible organizations who are actively working in the field to protect animals and their habitat.

Women Diver Hall of Fame

The Orangutan Project

The International Tiger Project

Native Women’s Resource Centre

Bee Girl Organization

Wild Fund Tomorrow

We donate 10% of gross web-sales back to our partner organizations.

In today’s world there is simply no denying the fact that consumers and corporations need to be responsible in how we collectively engage with the planet and it’s finite resources. Not only for the sake of humanity, but for all living things that rely on us to conserve the planet and the multitudes of species sharing this place with us.

On April 12 – 14 we’ll be showcasing our collections at The Buy Good Feel Good Expo! From fashion and beauty to lifestyle and travel, The Buy Good Feel Good Expo celebrates the power of the conscious consumer. 

The Expo was Launched in 2014 by Rafik Riad with only 15 vendors at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. This year there will be well over 80 ethical brands exhibiting forward thinking products and ideas for you to experience. 

Expect an uplifting weekend full of energizing entrepreneurs and brands with purpose, the Expo inspires the change maker within us all.