Connected. Women.

Two Models

Like the last campaign, where we looked at metamorphosis and spoke of butterflies… this one too, comes from a personal space. This time we’re talking about Women who are connected to themselves, animals and the planet. What does this mean in the bigger context of life, to be, to feel connected to all living things. 

Connection is a bit of a buzz word these days, but it’s the best way to describe what it is I’m after. Both in business and in life. I yearn for those moments when the innermost experiences reflect in the outside world. 

AnimalStone is about Connecting Animals 2 People.

Here, we believe in a world where humans and animals live harmoniously, where we look to nature for lessons on how to be and where we accept all living things as they are. This level of connection induces calm and clarity. From this place, we begin to move toward better futures, for ourselves and each other. 

Meet Sofia Gudino and Siovan Hope-Ross. The models you will see in the coming weeks. 

These two women are my family. They have showed over the years both their commitment to me as a friend but also to themselves, their creations, goals and dreams.  They’ve shared energy, insights, vision and real love. They keep me buoyant, we help each other stay UP. 

No one gets anywhere worth being, alone. It’s your team, it’s the love and energy you surround yourself with that will propel you to great heights. 

This campaign is in celebration of powerful, connected women… who KNOW who they are and where they’re going. This inner knowing, connection and understanding of oneself, their place and path is what collectively will lead us in a better direction. Yes, I do believe the future will be shaped by the sort of women I am here describing to you. Women, like Sofi and Siovan and like you and me. 

The world needs us to know who we are and the magic we bring to the world around us. 

On July 18th we collaborated with Tosca Delfino, Designer and Rita Fiorucci, Stylist of Harbord 102. They brought Tosca’s designs and Rita’s vision. Tony Cicero and Claire Foran shot the afternoon. The images brought a different shade of colour to AnimalStone, and allowed us to witness the versatility of our animal charms. It was beautiful and we hope you enjoy the photos and the message each conveys. 

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By Claire Garber 

Models: Siovan Hope-Ross & Sofi Gudino 
Designers: Tosca Delfina & Delane Cooper 
Stylist: Rita Fiorucci 
Photographers: Tony Cicero & Claire Foran