Connecting People to Our Animal Family

People are deeply connected to nature. There is an undeniable sense of peace and serenity that comes with every moment spent in fresh air, taking in the ecosystems and environments that circulate around us. After too many hours spent in a city or in the office, it’s easy to forget the power of the natural world to make us feel grounded and centred. At AnimalStone, we are passionately and spiritually connected to nature and all the creatures that habituate in it. The world we live in is diverse, precious and beautiful and it’s our life’s work to pay homage to its divine power. We respect and value the wisdom of our animal family and hope the love and care we put into our animal inspired jewellery can be spread and shared with our community.  We hope our charms can connect people to the natural world and the animal family. 


Our jewellery is handcrafted in Toronto, Ontario by our incredibly talented jewellery designer, Delane Cooper. Delane begins every piece by pulling wax from a unique animal mold where the animal was designed to be as close to anatomically correct given the size of our charm. Once the animal charm is cast, she hand finishes each animal leaving unique and one-of-a-kind touches on every piece. In the same way that every person and every animal has their own personality and own appearance, so too do our charms.

We spent over a year of research and development in identifying the right size for our charms so each animal is respected and looks as close to anatomically correct as possible. Our solid silver and solid gold charms have a distinct weight that will remind you throughout the day of the connection to nature and our animal family.


Wearing an AnimalStone charm is a small addition and contribution to the long history of wearing animals as art and jewellery. Choosing your animal charm may come immediately and naturally or it may take some time. Every animal has its own story, its own powers and its own qualities. Every charm comes with its own unique totem card that describe the animal’s attributes, so you can deeply understand and connect with your spirit animal.

Whether it’s Cecil the Lion who symbolizes strength, personal power, wisdom and courage, Kamama the Butterfly who represents transformation, growth, awakening and elegance, Higgins the Orangutan who represents patience, communication and intelligence or Bahamas the Shark who represents leadership, perspective and curiosity, our charms are connecting people to the animal that represents their own inner spirit.

Delivered to you in a faux suede pouch for safe keeping, we hope that your animal charm brings you strength, courage and connectivity. It is our life’s passion to pay homage to the animal kingdom in this world we both share. Learning your stories and connections with the charms bring us even more motivation, passion and creativity. We bring a new animal to life every month and will continue to create AnimalStone charms until the entire animal family is represented.