Our Cherished Partnerships


I recall our first real meeting. It was a Sunday afternoon and the three of us met up at Verity in the east end.

The first question we asked ourselves was: Why?

Why animals, why jewelry, why us?

Delane took out a marker and on the large white sheet of paper she wrote in red pen: WHY.

For the next several hours we dissected this question. We reflected on our own personal love for animals, nature and the joy the animals we’ve each known, both domestically or in the wild have brought our lives.

We also talked about our responsibility in portraying animals in our jewellery. After all, these creatures are not simply “cute” renderings of real life animalsthese charms are solid sterling reminders of our responsibility to our animal friends, the planet and all living things. 

Our motto became: Connecting Animals To People.

It would soon become our missionto show our passion for animals by capturing the essence of the animals in the jewelry we create.

Our conversations continued. The vision started to crystallize. Our AnimalStone charms would be a vehicle to remind people to care. Creating the art was step one, the next step was to link our animals with organizations that are actively working to improve the lives of animals in real time! 

In 2018 we partnered with five organizations: Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto, Women Divers Hall of Fame, Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, The Orangutan Project and the International Tiger Project.

Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto: Kamama the Butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis, change and new life. The NWRCT works to provide mental health support and education to Native women and their children in Toronto. Here is a space that provides an environment in support of women who are actively working to better their lives and those of their families. It is our hope that Kamama inspires positive change and connection to one’s truest nature in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Women Divers Hall of Fame: Bahamas the Shark is a symbol of leadership, curiosity and perception. The WDHOFis an international organization invested in providing resources and training to young women divers with the objective of encouraging our next generation of ocean advocates. Bahama the Shark is a symbol of our commitment to the ocean world and all aquatic life.

Sandy Pines Wildlife: Lady Coddington the Fox is a symbol of our commitment to local wildlife in need of help.Located in Napanee, the Sandy Pines Wildlife mandate is to help all injured and orphaned wildlife (including mammals, birds, reptiles/amphibians) and release them back into the wild. On our first call to Sue the founder of the organization, she asked us to hold the line a moment, in her next breath she was instructing a coworker to apply a warm compress to an injured squirrel. We overheard this going on in the background, but I will not soon forget how I felt hearing this woman treat this squirrel with the same regard one would a human in need of TLC. The world needs more people like Sue. We are proud to be in support of the Sandy Pines mission!

The Orangutan Project & The International Tiger Project. Higgins the Orangutang and Dar the Tiger are symbols of our commitment to the preservation of habitat and the protection of animals from poachers. Both the TOP and ITP are dedicated to preserving habitats and protecting these animals from poachers in Sumatra. The TOP and ITP have identified the primary threats to these beloved creatures and work diligently to raise awareness about the effects of the palm oil industry and the illegal trade of body parts and fur. 

Our goal for 2019 is to partner more of our animals with organizations that are actively working to improve the life of that animal in the wild. AnimalStone is about connecting animals to people and reminding people to care about their animals, the planet and all living things.

Check out our other blog posts and learn more about our animals, their stories, meanings and discover which animal you will connect with!

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!