Our Commitment to Animals

Forest trees

By: Claire Foran

Animals and humans have been inextricably connected since the beginning of time. Whether through DNA, companionship or a resource, we have always been reliant on one another.

Sadly, now more then ever, this reliance is off balance.

Our control over animals and abuse of them is not a new story.

Out of need, we began consuming them as food and using them for transport and clothing millions of years ago.

Today, we think nothing of our polarizing treatment of animals. We think nothing of sharing a beautiful bond, full of respect and adoration, with some, but not with others. We think nothing of turning a blind eye to the threats so many animals face.

Today, animals are threatened by climate change, deforestation, over-poaching, factory farming and animal tourism. These are big problems that will not go away overnight; and it can be overwhelming enough to just understand, leave alone make a plan to help!

But help we must.

We want to start simple.

We’d like to start by asking you to consider your own connection to animals. Do you have one? Maybe you thought of the love you have for your pet? Or maybe there isn’t a connection. That’s ok too. We believe that the more you learn and understand that animals are not so different from people, that they feel, smile, cry, and love, the greater your connection with them.

This is our commitment: We want to help connect animals back to people.

Welcome to the Hive!

Here, you will find up to date content on animals in a variety of different tones and formats - funny videos, spotlights, positive movements, significant stories, and most importantly, resources to learn more and make a change. Stay tuned.