What is the butterfly project?



We can’t avoid it, for better or for worse. We are constantly in motion. Voluntarily, involuntarily. Our organism is moving. Sometimes our head moves faster than our hearts and sometimes the heart is miles ahead of the mind. Our insides are digesting, heart is pumping, lungs are expanding, breathing life, cells are dying and being reborn, hair is growing, falling. 

We are constantly transforming.

We have only to look to nature to see the miracle of life and death. Season to season, day to day. It’s all happening right around us, right in front of us.  

Watch a butterfly. We can look to it as both a metaphor for transformation and real-life evidence of metamorphosis

It is a symbol of the movements of life as they pass through us, from experiences which can enliven us or leave us devastated. From one career to another, one self to another. Sickness to health. All of these are but a few examples of the many transformations we go through in our lifetime. 

In honour of the spring time, the end of the darkest days and the return of the light, we’ve created Kamama, our Monarch Butterfly. 

Kamama meaning, rebirth in Cherokee.

Life is a series of events pushing us into new skin, allowing new perspectives, understandings, shells and selves. Sometimes we hideaway to undergo changes and sometimes it happens right before our eyes. Needless to say, one cannot avoid the process. 

To be human is to transform.

We hope that Kamama reminds you to honour yourself as you go through life and take pause to notice the changes you’ve gone through to get to where you are. 

For Kamama's release we talked to 8 people with 8 different butterfly stories. Check here: http://www.instagram.com/animal.stone and here: www.facebook.com/animalstoneofficial

Purchase Kamama for yourself or for someone close to you as a symbol of the journey gone by and the one ahead.  

Check out Kamama in:

14K Gold  Sterling Silver