Einstein the Sterling Silver Mini Octopus Charm

Einstein the Sterling Silver Mini Octopus Charm

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Meet Einstein the Octopus!

Dimensions: Width 10.72mm x Height 12.15mm

Solid Sterling Silver Mini Octopus charm is now available. 

A relic of the sea, these intelligent creatures with not one, not two but three hearts and eight arms are surprisingly charming and affectionate. 

In collaboration with The Clean Up Kids here are a few important facts about our friend, Einstein: 

1. Octopus have 9 brains & 3 hearts 
2. They regenerate their arms 
3. Their ability to camouflage makes them master escape artists!  

Our mini charms are an excellent way to connect with the animals you love and want to protect. 

If you love Einstein, check out her fellow ocean dwellers, Triten the Sea Horse and Bellatrix the Sea Star

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Each piece is made from Solid Sterling Silver.