Einstein the Octopus Charm in Silver & Gold

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Meet Einstein the Octopus

Our Solid Sterling Silver and Solid 14K Gold Octopus charm is now available.

Mini-Charm: Width 10.72mm x Height 12.15mm
Regular Charm: Width 22.5mm x Height 22.32mm 

A relic of the sea, these intelligent creatures with not one, not two but three hearts and eight arms are surprisingly charming and affectionate.

In collaboration with @thecleanupkids here are a few important facts about Octopuses:

🐙  Octopuses have 9 brains & 3 hearts

🐙  Their arms regenerate
🐙  They have the ability to camouflage making them master escape artists!

🌍  When you purchase a charm from our Ocean Collection a portion of proceeds goes back to @nakaweproject to help support Ocean Conservation around the globe 🌍

Our animal charms are a lovely reminder and way to connect with the creatures you love and want to protect.



Each piece is made from Solid Sterling Silver and Solid 14K Gold. 


This purchase supports Ocean Conservation through: