Shelly the Sloth Charm in Solid Silver & Gold

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Meet Shelly the Sloth!

Our Shelly the Sloth Charm is doing what she does best, hanging out! Here she is delicately placed on her tree branch (chain). Whether you are a Sloth lover or you know someone who is, this is the perfect piece to keep as a reminder of your or their love for this beautiful creature. 


Mini-Sloth Charm: Width 12.60 Height 13.57mm 
Regular Sloth Charm: Width 19.01mm Height 20.27mm 

In collaboration with @thecleanupkids here are a few interesting facts about Sloths!

🦥  Sloths poop a third of their body weight in one go (yikes!)

🦥  They are extremely agile and can fall up to a 100 Feet without injury

🦥  Would you believe they are 3 x stronger than humans! (All that hanging 💪)

🦥  They can swim faster than they move on land

🦥  Sloths can live up to 20 years

Our Shelly the Sloth Charm is available in Solid Sterling Silver and Solid 14K Gold.