About Us

Welcome to AnimalStone,

A business born of a shared love and respect for Animals, our wildlife and a deep commitment to our planet.

AnimalStone was founded on the principle that a symbiotic relationship is needed between us and nature, humans and animals in order to conserve our shared place here. We believe in the joy that animals bring to our lives and are an essential component to our ecological systems. Together, we must celebrate and respect their majesty.

We, the AnimalStone family, are a team of nature lovers whom share a common ideal, that the preservation of our planet and all of our wild and wonderful creatures, lies in our hands. 

Together, we are bringing the natural world to life through Animal-Inspired Wearable Art, that gives back to the planet. 

Join us on this exciting journey to renew and discover our love for the plant, and all of her living beings, together! 

From our family to yours,  

AnimalStone & Co.


AnimalStone is a purveyor of Wearable Wildlife-Inspired Art! 

Our company was founded on the principal that animals have shared this planet with us since time immemorial. Some of the earliest works of human art and storytelling were through petroglyphs and pictographs.

These animal depictions were found on the walls of caves, live rock surfaces and stand alone rocks which captured the texture and movement of these magnificent beings as being worthy of respect and representation by our early human ancestors. 

With the help of local artists, designers and creators we have made it our mission to create timeless wearable art that pays homage to our animal family by giving texture and life to each and every piece.

It is our sincere hope that our creations serve as a constant reminder of the profound majesty of our animal kingdom, of our place within it and most importantly, that the natural world is fine art in and of itself.