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Our ambassadors are a group of activated individuals utilizing social media platforms to leverage a clear call to action in our shared vision of Connecting Animals to People.

Léa CandonLéa Candon

Léa Candon

Léa is a lion lover. She believes that lions are brave leaders, kings of the animal realm. 
Majestic and strong, they are trophies for hunters, entertainment in circus and zoos. 
The lion is the spirit animal of her project to internationally connect brands to wildlife, Brave Worldwide.

"In our world, we all need to show some courage to stand for what's right."
She wears her AnimalStone silver lion every day to remind herself of her mission, love and compassion for all animals.

Cristina ZenatoCristina Zenato

Cristina Zenato

Knowledge is power and through knowledge we create understanding and we stop being afraid of myths and misconceptions. There is nothing more powerful than to transfer our knowledge and understanding to the next generations. The Bahamas the Shark encompasses this by providing financial support to the scholarships and training grants of the WDHOF, allowing us to transfer knowledge and create a better future for our ocean and it’s creatures.


Ella GraceElla Grace

Ella Grace | Ella Saves The Ocean

Ella was born under the sign Pisces, and it was no fluke. As long as anyone can remember she has been captivated by sharks. As she grew and learned about the cruelty and risk of extinction that sharks face, her passion only grew. Ella has become an active and passionate shark and ocean conservationists. Knowing that if sharks die, the oceans will die, and if the oceans die the rest of the planet isn't far behind, has been the driving force in Ella's mission. From promoting anti-shark finning, to encouraging everyone to make sustainable choices and find ocean friendly plastic alternatives, she is constantly encouraging ocean activism. Ella believes that you will only want to protect what you love, so it is her daily fight to help show people the beautiful, life dependant side of sharks so everyone can fall in love with, and help save sharks.

Anjali Ranadive aka NaniAnjali Ranadive aka Nani

Anjali Ranadive aka Nani

Jaws and Paws aims to increase awareness for the environment, and animal rights worldwide through education, field research, campaigning, and legal action. We also extend aid and collaborate with other organizations with aligned missions to make a bigger impact. Our ultimate goal is to continue to protect animals while encouraging future generations’ involvement in environmental protection.

Jaws and Paws was founded by environmentalist and artist Anjali Ranadive aka Nani. Anajali studied Marine Science and Conservation and resource studies at the University of California, Berkley. Her studies lead her to establish Jaws and Paws in her senior year, and through the organization Anjali has been working on various conservation projects related to marine wildlife with a focus on shark conservation, having won the Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award in 2015. More recently Anjali has been campaigning to protect wolves in the U.S., rescuing wolf hybrids from life threatening and captive conditions.