Cheetah Stride Luxury Scarf

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Material: Habotai Silk

Our luxury cheetah design was hand-sketched by local Toronto Artist & Designer, João Conçelos. This piece depicts a Cheetah in Stride leaping through the air with a fresh blue sky background. 

Wear this elegant yet powerful design as wearable art, traditionally around the neck or as a headscarf, wrap or perhaps as an embellishment to a handbag. 

We hope this luxurious, yet simple and hand-sketched scarf reminds you that the natural world is fine art in and of itself, and its conservation is our duty. May you wear this piece often, to tune in to the beauty of the natural world and all of her wild and wonderful creatures.

Style your wild side, with a Cheetah Stride Scarf ~ Order by December 18th to receive in time for the holidays!