Rama the German Shepherd Charm, Yellow Gold

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Rolo Chain:

German Shepherd Jewelry

Our Rama the German Shepherd Charm is handmade in solid 14K gold and created to replicate the animal as it is in the wild, bringing life and texture to this timeless piece.

Large, solid 14K Yellow Gold, Hand-finished 3D Charm, Size: 22mm L x 20.5mm H x 7mm W; dog charm includes 14K yellow gold K9BF Club Clasp; gold chain is extra.

The German Shepherd is revered for their intelligence, courage and devotion. This hard-working breed is versatile and excels at just about anything they're trained to do. It's no surprise German Shepherds are often hired to assist those with handicaps, police and military service, search and rescue and drug detection to name a few. Most of all, German Shepherds are known and loved for their faithful companionship.