Atticus the Gorilla Charm, Yellow Gold

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Rolo Chain:

Gorilla Jewelry

Our Atticus the Gorilla Charm is handmade in solid 14K gold and created to replicate the animal as it is in the wild, bringing life and texture to this timeless piece.

Large, Solid 14K Yellow Gold, Hand-finished 3D Charm, Size: 19.5mm L x 20.5mm H x 11.5mm W, includes small Circle of Life Clasp

* Chain sold separately

Symbolic Meanings:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Responsibility of Community
  • Intelligence
  • Loyalty & Honour

Wear Atticus knowing when to seize the opportunity be a leader in your community. May he remind you to exhibit a quiet honour and dignity that makes a profound statement without coming across as boastful.

Click here to read this animal’s birth story

Atticus is the great-grandson of one of the most cherished matriarchs, Effie. Coming from a noble line bears the responsibility of caring for others in the troop. This was instilled in him at an early age. 

One day he and his older cousins were out exploring the jungle when they came upon a young antelope stuck in a snare. Humans came in time to rescue the antelope and let it free. The once captured antelope now free intrigued Atticus. After the humans left, he inspected the rope, closed his eyes to recall what action the humans executed to free the animal and then motioned his hands the same way. He practiced the steps over and over again in case he would need to free a fellow animal.

In the months to come, he would come across animals that have passed away from snares and his heart ached because he was too late to save them. One day, he came across a snare that was set. He closed his eyes and remembered the first antelope and the humans setting it free. A deep sigh came from Atticus. He put his hand on his head rubbing it to recall the motions required to deactivate the snare. He made his way closer to the snare but careful to not set it off. He meticulously worked on disabling it and succeeded. Unbeknownst to him, an elder saw him and told the rest of the troop.

Though still a young gorilla, Atticus has the responsibility of deactivating snares. This role has earned him the respect of his troop and the other animals that know of his skill. 

These wearable works of art can be exhibited in numerous ways whether adorning your body, personal items such as a key chain or on the zipper of your favourite jacket. 'Connecting animals to people' is made possible through our Circle of Life Clasp adorned with Mr. Farnum's seal of approval, his foot print. Each toe of Mr. Farnum's footprint lovingly represents the animals from Land, Air and Water.

The Circle of Life Clasp allows you the wearer to connect to any appropriate necklace, bracelet, keychain or item where your animal charm would appreciated.