Chico the Horse Charm, Silver with Wheat Charm

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Wheat Chain:

Horse Jewelry

Our Chico the Horse Charm is handmade in solid sterling silver or solid 14K gold and created to replicate the animal as it is in the wild, bringing life and texture to this timeless piece.

Large, Solid Sterling Silver, Hand-finished 3D Charm, Size: 26mm L x 20mm H x 6.5mm W, Includes small Circle of Life Clasp

Symbolic Meanings:

  • Travel
  • New Directions
  • Power & Endurance
  • Freedom
  • Clairvoyance
  • Friendship

May you wear Chico knowing that freedom and friendship lie on the other side of being open to new directions.

Click here to read this animal’s birth story

On the evening of winning his last race of his career as a race horse, Chico's Journey was visited by Mr. Farnum, AnimalStone's sanctuary caretaker, in a dream later that night.

When asked by Mr. Farnum what Chico's Journey would like to do next now that his career of racing was over, the race horse replied, "I'd like to do something new where I can share my spirit and experience of winning with mentally or physically challenged children. Do you think my owner will help me, Mr. Farnum?" With a grin and a warm heart, Mr. Farnum replied, "Anything is possible."

The next morning Chico's Journey was awakened by his owner and noticed a new person outside his stall. The owner lovingly placed the bridle on the retired race horse and said, "We've been a good team these past years and am grateful for our time together. Now it's time for you to make new friends. Meet Felicia your new owner and handler. She's going to take you to your new home that's not far from here so I'll be able to visit you from time to time."

Felicia took the reins from the owner's hands and rubbed Chico's Journey's neck and greeted him with a smile and whispered into his ear, "Your new home will be working with kids so if it's ok with you, I'd like to shorten your name to Chico so the kids can easily say it."

Accepting his new name with an open heart, Chico gently rubbed his head against his new owner's face and together they left to go to his new home.

The Circle of Life Clasp allows you the wearer to connect to any appropriate necklace, bracelet, keychain or item where your animal charm would appreciated.