KeKe the Koala Charm

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Meet KeKe the Koala! 

Our Koala Charm is now available in Solid Sterling Silver and Solid 14K Gold. 

Here is our precious Keke hanging from her tree, the perfect companion for daily wear and to bring a little bit of wildlife with you wherever you go.

Mini-Charm Dimensions

Mini-Koala Charm: Width 12.23mm x Height 8.87mm 

Regular Size Koala: W 20.88mm x H 15.23 mm 

Did you know Koala Bears are not actually Bears? 🐨  they are marsupials!

Meaning, female Koalas have pouches where their babies stay until they are fully developed.

In Collaboration with @thecleanupkids here are a few more interesting things to know about these sweethearts 💕

🐨  Koalas are Marsupials!

🐨  These beautiful creatures are native to Eastern and Southern Australia

🐨  Koalas sleep for up to 18hrs a day

🐨  Koalas do not drink, they get all of their moisture from the eucalyptus leaves they eat

🐨  Over 30,000 Koalas perished in the Australian Bush fires in 2019, they remain vulnerable due to the on going effects of climate change and the risk posed to their habitat

We have created our own Koala named KeKe 🐨 who hangs from her chain (like a tree). We’re excited to start supporting Koala preservation efforts in Australia! Stay tuned for info so you can help support and protect these beautiful creatures with us!