Triton the Sterling Silver Mini Sea Horse Charm

Triton the Sterling Silver Mini Sea Horse Charm

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Meet Triton the Sea Horse!

Dimensions: Width 3.56mm x Height 12.52mm 

Our Solid Sterling Silver Mini Sea Horse charm is now available! 

Perhaps the most romantic and progressive sea dwelling creatures. Did you know that Sea Horses mate for life with their partner and the male Sea Horse carries and births the babies. 

In collaboration with The Clean Up Kids, here are a few more things you should know about Triten the Sea Horse: 

1. There are 46 species of Sea Horse 
2. Sea Horse sleep with their eyes open 
3. Their eyes move independent of each other  

Our mini charms are an excellent way to connect with the animals you love and want to protect. 

If you love Triton, check out her fellow ocean dwellers, Einstein the Octopus and Bellatrix the Sea Star

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Each piece is made from Solid Sterling Silver.