Dar the Tiger Charm, Silver with Wheat Chain

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Wheat Chain:

Tiger Jewelry

Our Dar the Tiger Charm is handmade in solid sterling silver or solid 14K gold and created to replicate the animal as it is in the wild, bringing life and texture to this timeless piece.

Large, Solid Sterling Silver, Hand-finished 3D Charm, Size: 30.5mm L x 17mm H x 7mm W, includes small Circle of Life Clasp

Symbolic Meanings:

  • Independence
  • Focus
  • Passion
  • Willpower
  • Illumination
  • Generosity

Since tigers expend energy with intention may Dar remind you to focus your energy on achieving your goals.

Click here to read this animal’s birth story

Dar, our Tiger, was inspired by the tigers at one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger, the Sundarban National Park, which is a National Park, Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve in West Bengal, India.

It is part of the Sundarbans on the Ganges Delta, and adjacent to the Sundarban Reserve Forest in Bangladesh. 

Though tigers live alone and aggressively scent-mark large territories to keep their rivals away, they are powerful nocturnal hunters that travel many miles to find their prey. Tigers use their distinctive coats as camouflage where no two have exactly the same stripes. 

Wear Dar knowing that patience coupled with persistence is what is necessary in order to attain your goals. Remember that these big cats do engage in play. Use play as an opportunity to take a break and reassess your plan/journey with a fresh perspective. Since tigers expend energy with intention, may Dar remind you to focus your energy on your goals to achieve them.

The Circle of Life Clasp allows you the wearer to connect to any appropriate necklace, bracelet, keychain or item where your animal charm would appreciated.