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Kai the Sea Turtle Charm, Silver

Kai the Sea Turtle Charm, Silver

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Turtle Jewelry

Our Kai the Sea Turtle Charm is handmade in solid sterling silver or solid 14K gold and created to replicate the animal as it is in the wild, bringing life and texture to this timeless piece. 

Large, Solid Sterling Silver, Hand-finished 3D Charm, Size: 21.3mm L x 6.3mm H x 30mm W, includes small Circle of Life Clasp

Symbolic Meanings:

  • Creation
  • Patience
  • Longevity
  • Protection
  • Balance

Embrace the water and swim through life with ease, be independent, bold and creative but know its persistence, determination and endurance exemplifies the true essence of the sea turtle.

Click here to read this animal’s birth story

Meet Kai, our Sea Turtle. His name means ‘ocean’ in Hawaiian and ‘warrior’ in Frisian.

By wearing Kai you embrace being an Ocean Warrior. Whether you’re with Kai on the EAC (East Australian Current) or on the shore feeling the sand between your toes, know that you can travel easily with the currents of life.


Canadian Sea Turtle Network

The Canadian Sea Turtle Network is a charitable organization working to conserve endangered sea turtles in Canadian waters and worldwide with the help of scientists, commercial fishermen, coastal community members, and you.

Help us support CTSN. With the purchase of every sterling silver Kai the Sea Turtle $15 CAD will go back to CTSN to help raise funds for education and research based initiatives in an effort to conserve Canadian Sea Turtle populations, locally and abroad.

The Circle of Life Clasp allows you the wearer to connect to any appropriate necklace, bracelet, keychain or item where your animal charm would appreciated.